Our Produce

Furniture is an investment and our customers deserve the best.

Our Production

MIGLIO 5792 is a harmonious family. Perfection of every process and product is our tenet.

Our skilled craftsmen and advanced production machines are vital to ensure high production efficiency. For product sustainability, we have more rigorous production and inspection processes, which can ensure that every needle and thread is in neat order, and a whole lot of processes are put in high quality. The art vibe lies in every finished product.

Our Materials

We merely use elaborated leather fabrics, larch wood, ash wood, natural and harmless rock slabs, thickened alloy materials...

In addition to the exquisite craftsmanship, we apply superior raw materials with smooth and picturesque texture in details, which are ubiquity in various high-end venues. The team of top level material quality in the industry, intensification and abrasion resistance guarantee more than 10 years service life of our furniture.

Our Quality

In cooperation to excellent workmanship and materials, each production process has been tested thoroughly. After the pass test, the next process will be carried out. The slightly unqualified ones will be reworked or recycled. Upon more than ten procedures and inspections, the production director will be in charge of the final product inspection. All of these great efforts assure our furniture around 5 years quality guarantee.

Thereafter, for transportation, the goods will be reinforced and packaged to ensure you will receive a perfect customised furniture. We will update you about the process. Also, feel free to contact us any time.

Sturdy Frame & Multi-layer Materials

Raw Materials That Are Screened Layer By Layer