When browsing our website, you can contact us to choose custom sofas, chairs, tables, sectional sofas and outdoor sofas, etc., because we mainly do whole house furniture custom wholesale.

1. Choose your favorite style

We focus on the ultimate high-end indoor and outdoor furniture, with hundreds of product styles, which can be wholesaled for you at any time. Of course, you have ideas, please contact us by email.

Our designers are distributed in Italy, the United States, China and other parts of the world. Professional designers will design for you free of charge until you are satisfied.

2.Choose your preferred body material

We provide various types of surface materials such as cloth and leather for selection.

Frames and feet are also available in various woods and metals.

3. Choose cushion and back pillow material

The padding of the seat cushion and backrest affects the comfort of use. Everyone uses different padding materials and densities according to their own comfort.

The fillers of our furniture are natural, pollution-free, healthy and high-quality materials.

①Natural cotton; ②High-quality duck, goose and mixed down; ③Stretch cotton; ④Natural Latex; ⑤High-quality sponges.

4.Select color details

At the last step, you can choose the details and matching colors you like.

5. Wait patiently for production

When your customized furniture is finished, our skilled workers will make it for you. After more than ten quality inspections, your goods will start shipping in about 25 days. At the same time, we will keep in touch with you to understand the progress, of course you can also contact us.

Build Your Own Style Home

Whole house final high-end furniture customization