①The Fabric

□□Polyester, Boucle, blended fabric, cotton linen, suede, super soft fleece, corduroy, lambswool and chenille, etc.

②The Leather

□□Genuine leather, microfiber leather, aniline leather and artificial leather, etc., because the leather is unique, you can also choose different textures, …….

Available in a variety of high quality larch, ash, oak and walnut etc.

③Frame & Supporting Feet

□□The frame determines the stability and service life of the furniture. We provide a variety of high-quality frame materials, you can choose larch, oak and ash, etc. Of course, strong and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy is also a good choice

❷Support Feet
□□The furniture support legs can be made of different materials according to your preferences, such as larch wood and ash wood; there are aluminum alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel.

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